Bahrain Motor Federation

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BMF Services
  • We directly sanction International and National motorsport events.
  • We sanction Regional motorsport events through our affiliates.
  • We arrange the listing of events on the FIA International motorsport calendar.
  • We maintain competition and technical regulations and guidelines for the Kingdom motorsport.
  • We resolve disputes involving competition matters.
  • We licence competition drivers according to a set of qualification criteria.
  • We facilitate competition licence matters for Competitors who compete outside of Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • We licence Race Officials. We conduct training sessions for Race Officials.
  • We licence race tracks that host sanctioned events.
  • We advise on upgrading competition facilities.
  • We sanction competition driving schools.
Think before you drive
 Global road safety initiative of the FIA Foundation

Think Before You Drive is a global road safety initiative of the FIA Foundation, Bridgestone Corporation and motoring clubs worldwide.

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