Bahrain Motor Federation

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"To promote the safety and soundness of motoring and motorsport in the Kingdom of Bahrain".

BMF Objectives:
  • Our goal is to ensure safe and fair motorsport competition.
  • Exercise the sporting power as "ASN" for Bahrain in accordance with the International Sporting Code and such instructions and directions as may be received from the FIA.
  • Encourage, manage, regulate, and advance motorsport in Bahrain upholding the values and spirit of true competitive sport and fairness.
  • Ensure safety is maximized in conduct of motorsport.
  • Formulate, issue, interpret, implement, enforce, and amend as required the GCR (General Competition Regulations) as necessary for the control and conduct of motorsport in Bahrain.
  • Issue competition licences, officials licences, and event permits in accordance with the Code and the GCR.
  • Support and cooperate with any club, association, organization, group or individual whose activities or objectives are similar to those of BMF or which advance the cause of motorsport in Bahrain.
  • Publish annual Bahrain motorsport calendar of events and arrange listing of international events on the FIA calendar.
  • Establish and operate the judicial system for motorsport in Bahrain.
  • Promote programs aimed at safety, training, and education in motoring and motorsport.
  • Promote and be engaged in road safety.
  • Have regard for public interest, environment protection, and other national causes in the operations of BMF
FIA's anti-doping programme
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Think Before You Drive is a global road safety initiative of the FIA Foundation, Bridgestone Corporation and motoring clubs worldwide.

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